Sunday, January 09, 2022

the lists of 2021



1. edit select “far north” (kontrafaktum, 12”)

2. gremlinz & jesta / overlook “infinity “ / “lone pine” (droogs, 12”)

3. ramson badbonez “dark city” (boot, 12”)

4. kool keith, scorn & submerged “distortion” (ohm resistance, 12”)

5. the declining winter “the definition glance” (acuarela, 7”)

6. overlook & karim maas “heart of darkness” (uvb-76, 12”)

7. spine “himnos mambises” (practiced hatred, lathe-cut 7”)

8. low end activist “engineers origins” (low end activism, 12”)

9. memoriam “failure to comply” (reaper entertainment)

10. red sleeping beauty ft. mary wyer “second time” (matinee recordings)


11. future materials “on the other side” (osiris music)

12. gee bag x illinformed “foreigners” (dinked, 7”)

13. gremlinz & jesta “albatross” / “RRLCO” (UVB-76, 12")

14. juga naut & jazz t “marble & granite” (boot, 7”)

15. sophie “BIPP (autechre mix)” (numbers, 12”)

16. blockdata “vacuum decay” (ohm resistance, 12”)

17. monrella/jk flesh “see red” (avalanche)

18. altern-8 “hard crew” (stafford north, 12”)

19. headie one “2 chains” (single on relentless)

20. sam krats ft. craig g, mysdiggi, ramson badbonez, gee bag, phoenix da icefire & jazz t “culture” (revorg, 12”)


21. lewis parker “all I got” (king underground, 12”)

22. mick harris “hednod” - any of "five." to "nine." (bandcamp)

23. ryuji takeuchi “no life, no music ep” (local sound network)

24. tulip88 ft. ash the author “out here” (self-released single)

25. stars on fire “ready, steady, go!” (cloudberry records, 7”)

26. exhumed "worming ep" (relapse)

27. zomby “chaos reigns” - any of I to V (Warehouse Rave, 12” series)

28. unis “proletarijat 009” (proletarijat)

29. carcass “kelly’s meat emporium” (nuclear blast)

30. blackdown/burial “shock power of love ep” (keysound recordings, 12”)

31. unknown t “ww2” (universal)

32. secret shine “empyrean” (bandcamp)

33. SZA “good days” (top dawg, 10”)

34. tech level 2 “depths ep” (avalanche recordings)

35. the dividing line “hypocrite” (new age records)

36. low end activist “get dark” (low end activism, 12”)

37. uniiqu3 “heartbeats” ep (local action)

38. peace test “40%” (to live a lie)

39. low end activist ft. sikka rymes “invite chaos (kill dem)” (low end activism, 12”)

40. the great leap forward “revolt against an age of plenty” (a turntable friend)

41. swansea sound “indies of the world” (7” on skep wax, hhbtm and formosa punk - there’s also a cassette on lavender sweep)

42. arrest! charlie tipper “trust me” (breaking down, lathe-cut 7”)

43. sven wittekind “whiplash” (ipsographic)

44. killa’s army & XL mad “badman ting” (numa recordings, 12")

45. the noise floor “2000 fingers ep” (local sound network)

46. krys “dampfmaschine” (sick weird rough)

47. hella ft. logan_olm “chattings” (songtrust)

48. sir beans OBE “part Of it” (7” single on AE productions)

49. overlook / karim maas “video nasties” / “dimensions” (droogs, 12”)

50. iller instinct “smr001” (scared money records, 12”)

51. eklipse “london city” (self-released)

52. sandro galli “bass line 134” (acidworx)

53. sarah strandberg “back from hell” ep (fallen angels)

54. swansea sound “swansea sound” (lavender sweep, cassette)

55. your old droog & MF doom “dropout boogie” (mongoloid banks/nature sounds)

56. nolay “You don’t know” (self-released)

57. conflicto de interes “abolicion” (give praise records)

58. the catenary wires “mirrorball” (skep wax, 7”)

59. jammz “dark & light” (i am grime)

60. would-be-goods “saturn’s child” (bandcamp)

61. rolo tomassi “cloaked” (e-one)

62. real numbers “brighter then ep” (slumberland recordings, 12”)

63. lars klein & ryuji takeuchi “old soldiers never die” ep (local sound network)

64. holsten “sealed in time” (droogs, 12”)

65. urban carnage “nihai infilak” (give praise records)

66. matt love “little ray of sunshine ep” (hillbilly heaven)

67. pessimist “all hope lost” (berceuse heroique, 12”)

68. low Order “unification” (low order, 12”)

69. the total rejection “paul’s eye john’s teeth” (raving pop blast! 7")

70. satrumentalz with big toast and the strange neighbour ft. oliver sudden, gee bag, mysdiggi and bee unreal “dust off the vinyl” (revorg, 7”)

71. various artists “1fgrm007” (1forty)

72. nomine & youngsta ft. riko dan “dark & light” (sentry records)

73. roughneck jihad “the little assassination handbook” (boot, 12”)

74. various “virus panic red” (maximum minimum, 12”)

75. mercston “4th Quarter” ep (klm Records)

76. jk flesh vs echologist “echology vol 2” (avalanche recordings)

77. karen “extended play” (shambotic)

78. insolate “sins ep” (symbolism)

79. sidetracked / autodidact split cd (problems they persist)

80. seon / tassid / jacidorex & david asko “virus panic red” (maximum / minimum)

81. swindle ft. knucks, ghetts, akala & kojey radical “blow ya trumpet” (single on bmg)

82. your old droog & that god fahim ft. pharoahe monche “slam dunk” (mongoloid banks)

83. styles p ft. ibrahim maalouf “stay true” (guilty by association, 7”)

84. tape waves “tired” (emotional response)

85. jme, frisco & shorty “norf face ep" 

86. slow crush “hush” (church road)

87. jetstream pony “misplaced words” (spinout nuggets, 12”)

88. serum “cut & shut” (souped up, 12”)

89. cesrv “the underground” (tijolo, 12”)

90. kazuya kawakami “845” (local sound network)

91. proc fiskal “lothian buses ep” (hyperdub, 12”)

92. fatima al qadiri “malaak” (hyperdub)

93. warcollapse “bound to die ep” (bye bye productions)

94. roachee “rebels” (self-released)

95. cerebral rot “vile yolk of contagion”

96. charlotte de witte “formula“(KNTXT, 12”)

97. kobe jt ft. lyrical strally “on my way” (1forty)

98. benoit pioulard “silencer” (bandcamp)

99. disentombed “purity severed by the antediluvian” (unique leader)

100. gage “back 2 bell!ngham” (2 b real)



1. lock up “the dregs of hades” (listenable)

2. ROCK s/t (home assembly music)

3. carcass “torn arteries” (nuclear blast)

4. an autumn for crippled children “as the morning dawns we close our eyes” (prosthetic records)

5. dean wareham "i have nothing to say to the mayor of l.a." (double feature)

6. scorn “the only place” (ohm resistance)

7. death toll 80K “the future is yours” (to live a lie)

8. astatine “carcosa” (arbouse)

9. western edges “dependency” (sound of silence)

10. blockheads “trip to the void” (LIXIVIAT records)


11. the great leap forward “revolt against an age of plenty” (a turntable friend)

12. a new line related “love in a unitary authority (parts 1 to 9)” (home assembly music, cassette)

13. gatecreeper “an unexpected reality“(relapse)

14. the catenary wires “birling gap” (skep wax)

15. memoriam “to the end” (reaper entertainment)

16. the bug “fire” (ninja tune)

17. swansea sound “live at the rum puncheon” (skep wax, hhbtm, lavender sweep etc)

18. final “oblivion Vol 1” (avalanche recordings)

19. nothing clean “disappointment” (psycho control)

20. the declining winter "recordings of weird air” (signal records, cassette)

21. sweeney “misery peaks” (sound in silence)

22. ollie jackson “south foreland”

23. g36 vs jk flesh “disintegration dubs” (pressure)

24. astatine “la fréquentation assidue des lisières” (arbouse Recordings)

25. observatories “flowers bloom, butterflies come” (iikki)

26. the dividing line “owe you nothing” (new age records)

27. world peace “COME AND SEE” (twelve gauge records)

28. unknown t “adolescence” (stay solid)

29. terminal bliss “brute err/ata” (relapse)

30. david lance callahan “english primitive i” (tiny global productions)

31. haiku salut “the hill the light the ghost” (secret name)

32. noctule “wretched abyss” (church road records)

33. the humble bee “light trespassing” (motion ward)

34. martha argerich “schumann: kinderszenen op 15 & kreisleriana op 16” (deutsche grammophon)

35. regional justice center “crime and punishment“ (closed casket activities)

36. boyracer “assuaged” (emotional response) 

37.  chime school s/t (slumberland recordings)

38.  scotch rolex “tewari” (hakuna kulala)

39.  manni dee “a low level love” (perc trax)

40.  møl “diorama” (nuclear blast)

41. misery for a living “life is but the shipwreck of our plans” (against the sun / 5 feet under / italian extreme underground / passion means struggle / sedation / sp discos)

42. panoptique electrical “decades (2001-2021)” (sound in silence, cd-r)

43. isnaj dui “bright star”

44. cerebral rot “excretion of mortality” (20 buck spin)

45. david christian & the pinecone orchestra “for those we met on the way” (tapete)

46. jarhead fertilizer “product of my environment” (closed casket activities)

47. vilify “illusion of self” (ohm resistance)

48. karim maas & stave “godless” (uVB-76)

49. rey sapienz & the congo techno ensemble “na zala zala” (nyege nyege tapes)

50. dj overdose “emulator armour” (l.i.e.s)




1. sophie “BIPP"(autechre mix) (12” on numbers)

2. future materials “the human image” (scorn dub version)

3. demonik “labyrinthe” (raw mix)

4. the noise floor “tnf010102” (ryuji takeuchi remix)

5. kwartz “reinforced control” (monrella remix)

6. satrumentalz ft. big toast, the strange neighbour, oliver sudden & gee bag “fuck off london” (curt cataract remix)

7. cimm & youngsta ft. riko dan “hear that” (trends & boylan remix)

8. dj pleasure “watch ur step” (skore & logan remix) (low down deep)

9. low end activist ft. razor “get dark” (silas r. remix)

10. the fog bank “the age of today” (the declining winter remix)


reissues on 33


1. hood “the hood tapes” (acuarela discos)

2. leatherface “mush” (dire / call of the void)

3. the pop group “y in dub (dennis bovell mixes)” (mute)

4. insect warfare “world extermination”

5. x-o-dus “english black boys” (factory benelux)

6. squarepusher “feed me weird things” (warp)

7. blackbeard “i wah dub” (plg)

8. lull “moments”(cold spring)

9. doom “the complete peel sessions 1988-1989” (sonarize)

10. the fall “rock against racism xmas party (stretford civic theatre, 23.12.77)” (ozit dandelion)

11. keith hudson “the black breast has produced her best, flesh of my skin blood of my blood “ (vp records)

12. u-roy “natty rebel” (umc)

13. ultramagnetic MCs “critical beatdown“ (music on vinyl)

14. chaotic discord “fuck religion, fuck politics, fuck the lot of you “ (radiation reissues)

15. morbid angel “domination” (earache records)

16. wolfhounds “bright and guilty “ (optic nerve)

17. extreme noise terror “phonophobia” (back on black)

18. girls at our best “pleasure” (optic nerve)

19. king tubby “majestic dub” (demon)

20. sacrilege “ambulance station squat london 1985” (back on black)

reissues on 45


1. mobb deep “shook ones (parts I and II)” (get on down, 7”)

2. blueboy “john peel session 03.12.94” “good news week” (precious recordings of london, 2x7”)

3. stakker humanoid “sT8818r humanoid” (de: tuned, 12”)

4. eric b & rakim “eric b for president” (king underground, 7”)

5. demonik “labyrinthe” (mint condition, 12”)

6. epmd “i'm housin’” (mr bongo, 7”)

7. fret “fret” (osiris Music)

8. twang “where’s the rub?”, “sharp“, “kick and complain”, “snapback” (all on shambotic - thank you so much for these)

9. the jasmine minks “janice long session 24.11.86” (precious recordings of london, 2x7”)

10. wu-tang clan “gravel pit” (45 kings, 7”)

11. ice cube “it was a good day” (throwdown, 7”)

12. heavenly “john peel session 07.05.94” (precious recordings of London, 2x7”)

13. the jasmine minks “john peel session 17.02.86” (precious recordings of London, 2x7”)

14. downpour “do you remember when it was all about the drums? Parts I and II” (home assembly, cassette)

15. jasmine minks “as always “ (shambotic)

16. krs-one “sound of da police" (jive, 7”))

17. bmx bandits “long session” (precious recordings of London, 2x7”)

18. mobb deep “drink away the pain” (old chillin’, 7”)

19. kool g rap & dj polo “road to the riches” (5 borough breaks, 7”)

20. nexus 21 “progression logical” (network, 12)

artist compilations


1. beatnik filmstars “pop scum / not the worst of...” (the old bad habits label)

2. television personalities “some kind of trip (singles 1990-1994)” (fire records)

3. culture “children of Zion - the high note singles collection “ (cherry red)

4. insect warfare “Entomological siege” 3xLP (f.o.a.d, 2019)

5. cody “the habit of understanding (singles 1997-2002)” (shinkansen)

6. television personalities “some kind of happening (singles 1978 to 1989)” (fire)

7. errol brown & the revolutionaries “tip top dub” (cherry red)

8. the loft “ghost trains and country lanes “ (cherry red)

9. terrorizer “before the downfall: complete demos live and unreleased tracks 1987-1989” (f.o.a.d)

=10. kissamatic lovebubbles "kissamatic lovebubbles" (shambotic)

=10. new age steppers “stepping into a new age 1980-2012”(on-u-sound)

=10. conflict “statements of intent 1982-1987” (cherry red)



covid forced a truncated list:

1. svalbard @ tufnell park dome

2. wolfhounds & the great leap forward @ 229

3. the jesus and mary chain @ the roundhouse

Sunday, January 31, 2021

singles of 2020


“dispose of your hate, it just pollutes our world / and embrace the love from within”

  1. mønic “research methods” (osiris music, 12”)
  2. mønic “beyond the bounds” / “parallels “ (osiris music, 12”)
  3. napalm death “logic ravaged by brute force” (century media, 7”)
  4. pessimist & holsten “the riot tune” (hotline recordings, 12”)
  5. the declining winter “occupying the blanks” (fissile, lathe-cut 8”)
  6. jesu “because of you” (avalanche recordings)
  7. wolfhounds “can’t see the light” (radio edit) (a turntable friend)
  8. the pastels “advice to the graduate” / “ship to shore” (domino, 7”)
  9. carcass “despicable ep” (nuclear blast, 10”)
  10. durrty goodz x shudan “bar code #8: shadow of a g” (no hats no hoods)
  11. boyracer “harehills christmas” (emotional response, 7”)
  12. burial “chemz” (hyperdub)
  13. napalm death “a bellyful of salt & spleen” (century media)
  14. scorzayzee “scorzilla vs lockdown” (gotham city)
  15. mccarthy “who will rid me of these turbulent proles?” (optic nerve, 7”)
  16. rüdiger kränzlein “era” (sick weird rough)
  17. even as we speak “forgiving” (shelflife)
  18. micall parknsun “back in business ep” (boot, 12”)
  19. final “you couldn’t mean any less” (sige records)
  20. unknown t “fresh home” (universal)
  21. tech level 2 “revolved. ep” (avalanche recordings)
  22. secret shine “ember” (secret shine)
  23. obeah ft. trim “dead in this ting” (earthtrax)
  24. ryuji takeuchi “essentials ep” (pure hate, 12”)
  25. northern portrait “at attention” (matinée recordings)
  26. cortechs “sacred ground” (sick weird rough)
  27. cappo & remulak “slum village” (village live)
  28. ygg, jhutta “royals” (1forty) / various artists “1fgrm005” (1forty)
  29. nothing clean / exorbitant prices must diminish split 7” (choothar records / circus of the macabre records / dead heroes / everydayhate / here and now! records / i feel good records / no bread! / repulsive medias / samizdat records)
  30. prizma ft. killa p “bun down” (concept collective, 12”)
  31. surgeon “the golden sea” (ilian tape, 12”)
  32. maxsta “locked in” (no hats no hoods)
  33. ryuji takeuchi “crossing decades ep” (local sound network)
  34. pinch ft. trim “all man got” (tectonic)
  35. swordman kitala / sekelembele “batufitina” / “moto nyama” (hakuna kulala, 7”)
  36. boofy ft. rocks foe “self destruct” (sector 7 sounds, 12”)
  37. peace test “uniform repression” (to live a lie)
  38. darkimh ft. t-man “tell me nothin’” (infernal sounds)
  39. royal landscaping society “frost” (matinée recordings)
  40. merky ace & capo lee “clash of the pagans” (bandcamp)
  41. jessy lanza “lick in heaven” (hyperdub)
  42. nolay “seeing you” (nolay)
  43. low end activist “game theory” (seagrave, 12”)
  44. sidetracked / the seeker split (to live a lie, 7”)
  45. krsld ft. flowdan “zero tolerance” (retribution, 12”)
  46. arab strap “the turning of our bones” (rock action, 7”)
  47. youngsta ft. killa p & long range “progress” (sentry records, 12”)
  48. eris & oz1 “purgatory ep” (ohm resistance)
  49. endlec “skg4life ep” (inner surface music)
  50. seablite “high rise mannequins” (emotional response, 10”)
  51. ghstly xxvii ft. filthy gears “flex” (ghstly xxvii)
  52. jesu “alone” (avalanche)
  53. sven brechtel “insidious” (sick weird rough)
  54. swordman kitala “kimbalagala” (blip, 12”)
  55. european sun “my station” (where it’s at is where you are)
  56. european sun “the future’s female” (where it’s at is where you are)
  57. insidious disease “enforcers of the plague” (nuclear blast)
  58. planky ft. chester p, carasel & micall parknsun “todays life” (rekkit records)
  59. biga yut “walah ep” (hakuna kulala)
  60. ryuji takeuchi “the night is long that never finds the day ep” (local sound network, digital solutions)
  61. mc yallah & eomac “mama waliwamanyii” (phantom limb)
  62. rider shafique, ishan sound & kahn “when shall we rise” (zamzam sounds, 7”)
  63. endlec “under brutal law” (hex recordings, 12”)
  64. sev dah “proletarijat 008” (death to fascism - freedom to the people!) (proletarijat, 12”)
  65. pilau “pilau” ep (capsule, 7”)
  66. the bvs “i hope it doesn’t snow” (bandcamp)
  67. dj die soon “propagate” (morphine, 7”)
  68. nolay “periodt” (black lion)
  69. burial & four tet & thom yorke “her revolution / his rope“ (xl, 12”)
  70. dark sky burial “omisoka” (bandcamp)
  71. wiley “eediyat skengman” (parts 1, 2 and 3) (cta)
  72. ty & durrty goodz “the real ones” (remembering ty 1972-2020) (bbe music)
  73. ryuji takeuchi “incubation period ep” (local sound network)
  74. even as we speak “someone” (shelflife)
  75. jook “lookacha / unwary” (sector 7 sounds)
  76. public enemy “state of the union (stfu)” (def jam)
  77. wesdaruler & louie larceny ft. linqua franqa & dopeknife “f*** trump america” (happy happy birthday to me)
  78. exhumed / gruesome “twisted horror” (relapse, 10”)
  79. serum x kasra “noodles ep” (critical music, 12”)
  80. azure blue “all i want for christmas is my baby” (matinée recordings)
  81. jlsxnd7rs/rocks foe “warren & justin” (dark knight, 12”)
  82. wen “mmhmm” (gd4ya, 12”)
  83. jme ft. merky ace “live” (boy better know)
  84. frankie stubbs “blood orange moon” (little rocket records / rad girlfriend records, 7”)
  85. maxwell d & novelist ft. bruza, tempa t, capo lee & so large “serious 2020” (motown records)
  86. the bug ft. dis fig “blue to black” (hyperdub)
  87. dizzle kid ft. ten dixon “nightmare”
  88. planky ft. ramson badbonez “alright” (sorry can’t remember the label)
  89. jetstream pony “it’s fine” (kleine untergrund schallplatten)
  90. kahn & neek “having a sick time in the mansions of bliss” (sector 7 sounds, 12”)
  91. behemoth ft. niklas karvorth “a forest” (new aeon musick)
  92. discarda ft. irah “killstreak” (adamantium music)
  93. seek the northerner ft. blade and dj woody “f*** the fans” (northentic, 7”)
  94. jk flesh vs echologist “echology volume 1” (avalanche recordings)
  95. pleasure “song of the year” (40oz records)
  96. klaudia gawlas “acid kicks “ (kd raw)
  97. diljit dosanjh “g.o.a.t.” (famous studios)
  98. Swansea sound “i sold my soul on ebay” (bandcamp + 7”)
  99. teej “akuma” (nuusic)
  100. regional justice center “kkk tattoo” (closed casket activities)
  101. chiens “xtrendyxjunky” (bones brigade, 12”)
  102. corrupt moral altar “patiently waiting for wonderful things” (label name temporarily forgotten, 12”)

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

albums of 2020


  1. close lobsters “post neo anti: arte povera in the forest of symbols” (last night from glasgow & shelflife)
  2. svalbard “when i die, will i get better?” (church road records)
  3. oblique strategies “raw pastiche” (we stay true)
  4. east man “prole art threat” (planet mu)
  5. napalm death “throes of joy in the jaws of defeatism” (century media)
  6. cyrus malachi “the blind watchmaker” (revorg)
  7. sven wittekind “lost & found” (sick weird rough)
  8. wiley “the godfather 3” (wiley)
  9. davey woodward & the winter orphans “love & optimism” (a turntable friend)
  10. arrest! charlie tipper “red” (old bad habits label)
  11. jesu “terminus” (avalanche recordings)
  12. boyracer “on a promise” (emotional response)
  13. offthesky and the humblebee “we were the hum of dreams” (laaps)
  14. jk flesh “depersonalization” (hospital productions)
  15. wolfhounds “electric music” (a turntable friend)
  16. mønic “trawler tapes” vols 1 & 2 (osiris music)
  17. squarepusher “be up a hello” (warp)
  18. ewa justka “upside down smile” (editions mego)
  19. even as we speak “adelphi” (shelflife)
  20. autechre “plus” (warp)
  21. memory drawings “a few scattered hours” (second language)
  22. the humble bee “nightmark” (dauw)
  23. culto del cargo “memorie in lingua morta” (no label)
  24. debussy “la mer” (edit.futurum)
  25. heavy discipline “heavy discipline” (painkiller)
  26. taylor swift “evermore” (s/r)
  27. unknown t “rise above hate” (universal)
  28. the luxembourg signal “the long now” (shelflife)
  29. holst “the planets” (edit.futurum)
  30. european sun “european sun” (where it’s at is where you are)
  31. the flatmates “the flatmates” (subway / happy happy birthday to me)
  32. milky wimpshake “confessions of an english marxist” (bobo integral)
  33. busy microbes “playing” (rural colours)
  34. taylor swift “folklore” (s/r)
  35. sandro galli “hypnotik series” (gynoid audio)
  36. pinch “reality tunnels” (tectonic)
  37. jessy lanza “all the time” (hyperdub)
  38. jetstream pony “jetstream pony” (kleine untergrund schallplatten)
  39. autechre “sign” (warp)
  40. the humble bee “daymark” (dauw)
  41. caustic wound “death posture “ (profound lore)
  42. sansibar “targeted individuals” (darknet)
  43. leeched “to dull the blades of your abuse” (prosthetic records)
  44. margins “i tired for hours” (fluid audio)
  45. public enemy “what you gonna do when the grid goes down” (def jam)
  46. datblygu “cwm gwagle” (angst)
  47. juama wulffluw xciv “ngoma injection” (hakuna kalala)
  48. abstrakt sonance “ishtar” (deep dark & dangerous)
  49. throwing muses “sun racket” (fire records)
  50. ital tek “outland” (planet mu)
  51. ruin lust “choir of babel” (20 buck spin)


Tuesday, December 29, 2020

remixes of 2020


  1. oathbreaker “ease me” (jesu remix)
  2. ron morelli “laugh taker” (mick harris remake)
  3. endlec “skg electrik” (makaton cordyceps remix)
  4. hyph11e “barnacles” (kode9 remix)
  5. endlec “death by midrange” (deep dimension remix)
  6. dadub “airless subjugation” (scorn remix)
  7. last japan ft. killa p “exhale” (sully remix)
  8. prizma ft. killa p “bun down” (somah vocal remix)
  9. altern-8 “activ 8 (come with me)” (nhs isol 8 remix)
  10. body count “6 in tha morning - 2020”
  11. scorn “stone dub”
  12. ryuji takeuchi “inner justice” (d. carbone remix)
  13. public enemy ft. nas, rhapsody, black thought, jahi, yg & questlove “fight the power” (remix 2020)
  14. scorzayzee “illa soul” (whodiniz remix)
  15. alcest “protection” (ben chisholm version)
  16. charles webster “the spell” (burial mix)
  17. scorzayzee “great britain” (1st blood & invisible orchestra version)
  18. discarda ft. irah “killstreak” (hypegrade remix)
  19. sarah strandberg “scorpio stinger” (ayako mori remix)
  20. kryptic minds “badman” (cocktail party effect remix)
  21. jlsxnd7rs/rocks foe “warren & justin” (boofy & hi5ghost remix)
  22. flux of pink indians “nothing is not done “ (vinilette edit)
  23. memory drawings “a few scattered hours” (the green kingdom remix)
  24. c trip a “thought streams” (jesu mix)
  25. paragon “black imagining” (jk flesh remix)
  26. blackdown ft. jamakabi “juicy patty (blackdown’s big size 24 vip)
  27. memory drawings “i guess you’ll never know” (mücha remix)
  28. endlec “death by midrange” (deep dimension ’95 gabber shout out remix)
  29. godflesh “new dark ages” (dissolve mix)
  30. belphegor “necrodaemon terrorsathan” (2020 version)
  31. the wedding present “crawl (locked down and stripped back)”
  32. regis “blood witness” (simon shreeve version)
  33. ron morelli “laugh taker” (overlook remix)
  34. kahn “dread” (dubkasm dub 4)
  35. viviankrist “blue iron” (iron flesh reshape)
  36. go hiyama “ubiquity” (radial remix)
  37. ron morelli “laugh taker” (parrish smith remix)
  38. rider shafique, ishan sound & kahn “when shall we dub”
  39. olexii “untitled 3” (advanced human remix)
  40. jk flesh “dissociation” (rainforest spiritual enslavement remix)
  41. swordman kitala “heat flexx” (o’flynn, ekhe remix)
  42. mentah “no disrespect” (jaydan remix)
  43. insolate “obscure object of desire” (dawn razor remix)
  44. serum “earth rot” (original sin remix)
  45. jetstream pony “out of reach (r7music remix)”
  46. ayako mori “acid gradation” (ricky cross remix)
  47. panasonic untitled zoviet france remix
  48. hiroaki iizuka “flk” (ayako mori remix)
  49. loefah “mud” (grey.scale bootleg)
  50. blawan “immulsion” (come to me in full electric mix)
  51. bdrmm “a reason to celebrate” (glok remix)


Monday, December 28, 2020

reissues of 2020 (singles)

[loch linnhe]

  1. meat whiplash “don’t slip up” (optic nerve, 7”)
  2. cutmaster singh “acid bhangra rarities & re edits” (masaala, 12”)
  3. james dean driving experience “sean connery” (optic nerve, 7”)
  4. nikki nitro x p money “standard” (jaguar records)
  5. newham generals “war wid” (butterz, 12”)
  6. eric b & rakim “i ain’t no joke” (mr bongo, 7”)
  7. the clouds “tranquil” (optic nerve, 7”)
  8. joy division “love will tear us apart” (rhino, 12”)
  9. sugar minott “murder” (black roots, 7”)
  10. lil kim “crush (jazz mix)” (galaxy sound co, 7”)
  11. the wedding present “once more” (optic nerve, 7”)
  12. kryptic minds “badman / distant (2020 remaster)” (osiris music)
  13. ice cube “it was a good day” (throwdown, 7”)
  14. eric b & rakim “i know you got soul” (mr bongo, 7”)
  15. scorzayzee “great britain” (gotham city, 12”)
  16. vivien goldman “launderette” (staubgold, 7”)
  17. big daddy kane “raw” (old chillin’, 7”)
  18. the loft “up the hill and down the slope” (optic nerve, 7”)
  19. so solid crew “21 seconds ep” (umc, 12”)
  20. nwa / above the law “straight outta compton “ / “black superman” (west coast classics, 7”)
  21. the vaselines “son of a gun” (optic nerve, 7”)
  22. joy division “atmosphere” (rhino, 12”)
  23. joy division “transmission” (rhino, 12”)
  24. even as we speak “blue suburban skies” (optic nerve, 7”)
  25. the house of love “christine” (optic nerve, 7”)
  26. gang starr “jazz thing” (mr bongo, 7”)
  27. beyonce / amerie “crazy in love “ / “1 thing” (home hitters, 7”)
  28. the vaselines / the pooh sticks “dying for it” (glass modern, 7”)
  29. sugar minott “heartical respect” (common ground international, 12”)
  30. pavement “sensitive euro man” (matador, 7”)
  31. the primitives “thru the flowers” (optic nerve, 7”)
  32. notorious b.i.g. “juicy” (45 kings, 7”)
  33. revolving paint dream “flowers in the sky” (optic nerve, 7”)
  34. soft cell “mutant moments ep” (big frock, 10”)
  35. roc marciano ft. sean price “snow” (fat beats, 7”)
  36. loefah “natural charge” (version, 12”)
  37. 52nd street “look into my eyes” / “express” (be with records, 12”)
  38. the raincoats “extended play” (peel session) (smells like, 10”)
  39. dr dre / the lady of rage “nothing like a g thang” / “afro puffs” (west coast classics, 7”)
  40. panasonic “remix” (sähkö, 12”)

the lists of 2021

singles [home] 1. edit select “far north” (kontrafaktum, 12”) 2. gremlinz & jesta / overlook “infinity “ / “lone pine” (droogs, 12”) 3. ...